Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gyeonggi Province?
Gyeonggi is a province with 31 cities and counties in South Korea. Located in the central-western part of the Korean Peninsula, it surrounds the cities of Seoul and Incheon.
To find out more information on 31 cities and counties of Gyeonggi, click here to go to Follow Gyeonggi Page.
What should I keep in mind when I purchase tickets?
Reserved tickets can be canceled according to the cancelation regulations of the ticket vendor from which your tickets were reserved and changes or refunds on the day of the event is prohibited.
Where can I purchase tickets?
How much are the tickets?
Seats differ from PLATINUM, SILVER, GOLD and the prices are as such :
(1 DAY PASS) PLATINUM IDR 1,800,000, GOLD IDR 1,500,000, Silver IDR 700,000
(2 DAY PASS) PLATINUM IDR 3,000,000, GOLD IDR 2,500,000, Silver IDR 1,200,000
Anything I should know when I purchase the tickets?
You must exchange your ticket with a wristband at the ticket booth to enter the indoor stadium. You cannot receive your wristband if you don’t have your ticket with you. You can only enter the stadium on the designated date with your reserved ticket and the date cannot be changed. The wristband will not be reissued in case of any damage or misplacement. Please refer to the ticket site for more details.
What is the concert lineup?
What should I be aware of on the day of the event?
The security check is held upon entry to the concert venue for the audience’s safety.
What should I do in an emergency?
Medical booths and ambulances are prepared both inside and outside the event venue for simple emergency procedures. In case of emergency, please tell the event/security staff or the staff at your closest information booth.